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Customer Care

The JB Bar Ranch strives to provide nutritious and great-tasting food from our farm to your table. The same quality and cuts that we as a family have enjoyed for many years. Now it's our time to share it will you all!

All of our animals on our farm are humanly raised and fed the best quality organic food we can source. Free Range, Grass-fed, and grain-finished to insure tenderness, taste, and great marbling.

All of our animals are GMO, steroid, and hormone-free. 

All our meat is butchered in a licensed facility which is also government inspected.


"We do not take responsibility if the products are not stored or prepared correctly once they leave our farm. Every customer is responsible for their own health and safety. Products that have spoiled due to your carelessness will not be warrantied. We reserve the right to refuse service from any customer if warranted. We will not tolerate disrespect, harassment, or abuse of any kind."

Privacy & Safety

All perishable items should be kept frozen until you intend to prepare them. After opening canned items, place them in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage. The home-baked breads are made in a nut-free zone and do not contain soy, eggs, or milk. The list of ingredients is on the product label. All items sold are either baked fresh each day or canned and butchered the current year. Nothing sold will be outdated.

All seasonal vegetables will become available for purchase soon after they're harvested that year.

If you may require any questions answered about our products or have a special request head over to the "contact us" tab and send us an email, we will promptly and gladly answer all questions. 

We ensure a quality product is provided to our customers and we would love to ensure your order is filled many times over. 

Enjoy and Take Care,

The Halvorson's

JB Bar Ranch

Payment Methods

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