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Why Wagyu?

Wagyu is arguably the best beef money can buy. With its exceptional marbling, superior tenderness and exquisite flavor, it’s no wonder Wagyu is the pinnacle of the beef world.

Through careful genetic selection and feeding, as a Wagyu producer we have created an experience for connoisseurs unmatched by any other beef. From executive chefs to the weekend barbecue fan, Wagyu offers a level of quality that can be enjoyed by everyone. And with its proven health benefits, choosing Wagyu isn’t just a treat for your taste buds, it’s great for your heart as well.

The JB BAR RANCH Wagyu beef really does take red meat to a level beyond Prime. Try it today

Understanding Wagyu

Let’s start with the basic, we all know that Wagyu is often loosely translated as “Japanese cow”, which holds true when rooted back to its native definition. (Wa means Japanese and gyu means cow or beef).

It’s important to note though, due to the high demands, Wagyu has also been bred out of Japan, particularly in Australia and United States, and recently Canada. Using the best Japanese genetics, farmers from these new regions use different methods and production processes that preserve its Wagyu integrity. Moreover, the soils, climates, grasses and rainfall are all different to Japan which affect the taste, texture and quality. 

So what does this mean? It simply means that Wagyu is far more available now and that under several reputable brands, you can still enjoy excellent Wagyu from many new countries as well as from us here at the JB BAR RANCH. 


  • F1 (50% Wagyu): Has 50% or higher Wagyu genetic content, crossbreeding full blood with another breed.


  • F2 ( 75% Wagyu) : Has 75% or higher Wagyu genetic content, crossbreeding full blood and a crossbred Wagyu F1


  • F3 (87.5% Wagyu) : Has greater than 87% Wagyu genetic content, crossbreeding full blood and a crossbred Wagyu F2


  • F4 ( 93.75% Wagyu) : Has greater than 93% Wagyu genetic content, crossbreeding full blood and a crossbred Wagyu F3

  • Our Wagyu are cross bred with pure bred Angus cattle. This is how we achieve the F1 though F4 quality meats. 

Marbling: Know Your Marble

Wagyu is renowned for its marbling in the form of intramuscular fat (IMF) which appears as fine flecks within the muscle. The presence of marbling has a very positive effect on the eating quality of beef in terms of tenderness, juiciness and flavor, giving Wagyu an exceptional eating experience.

The marbling score refers to visible fat found between muscle fiber bundles and is assessed within the rib eye muscle. Marbling score is assessed visually, the scoring range is 0 to 9. The distribution and texture of the fat flecks, referred to as fineness are also assessed. Cross-breeding Wagyu with Angus gives the benefits of superior marbling and meat quality from the Wagyu side, while providing more feed efficiency from the Angus side. This allows us to keep our cost of production lower, which in turn keeps the price of the end product lower.


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